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Introduction of Kutaniyaki.Representative traditional Japanese pottery of Japan.

What is Kutaniyaki? 九谷焼

Kutaniyaki is a color paint made in Kanazawa City, Komatsu City, Kaga City, Nomi City in the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture.

What is Kokutani? 古九谷

Porcelain called "old Kutani" features a brilliant color using many dark colors such as blue, green and yellow, and a bold and innovative pattern, with Sho Rui hand (Sho-zui), five-handed hands, blue It is classified as a hand. Zhu Rui hand draws a pattern with a bright color such as red, yellow, green using red contour line. Five color hands use black outlines and draw patterns with dark colors such as blue, yellow, green, and purple. Blue hands resemble colorful five-color hands, but the quality of the white porcelain of the base material is slightly lowered, so as to hide the disadvantages of the green body, it is of a style filled in with dense colors such as blue, yellow, green and purple without margins is there

Typical style

Kokutani 古九谷

It is said to have been taught by the Kano school's master and Kamon guards, using blues (green), yellow, red, violet, and irony blue five colors, a bold composition with painfully completed expressive power, freedom of freedom It is attractive to draw a line, a rich and deep taste.

出典 http://www.kutaniyaki.or.jp

Iidaya 飯田屋

I painted a person closely with red, filled the area with small stamps etc. and added gold color in some places. At a glance it is a fine red picture drawing which is hard to draw on purpose.

出典 http://www.kutaniyaki.or.jp

Mokubei(Aoki Mokubei) 木米

About 80 years after Kokutani waste kiln, Kasugayama kiln was held in Kanazawa clan management in Kanazawa. With the guidance of a literary painter Kyoto Aoki Kimami, red is applied to the whole surface, and people are drawn mainly using five colors. It can be said that it is a Chinese style painting.

出典 http://www.kutaniyaki.or.jp

Syouza(Kutani syoza) 庄三

It is a coloring golden hand that incorporates all the methods of Kokutani, Yoshidaya, red and golden hands in a floor plan and closely draws them with western paint. It is the style which became the mainstream of industry Kutani after the Meiji era.

出典 http://www.kutaniyaki.or.jp

Yoshidaya 吉田屋

Blue hand revived the paint filling style of old Kutani, I use four colors of blue (green), yellow, purple and iron blue without using red. In addition to the pattern, there is a unique atmosphere with a heavy thickness that fills the small pattern into a gift-like style and fills the entire surface with paint.

出典 http://www.kutaniyaki.or.jp

Eiraku 永楽

It has a sophisticated beauty of the Kei-yaki style, as well as a luxurious style that basically coats the entire surface with red in Kyoto-style golden hand method by Eikaku Kazuyoshi and coloring with only gold on it.

出典 http://www.kutaniyaki.or.jp

Where can you buy kutaniyaki?

Kanazawa city, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan


Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

how to access

From Komatsu Airport, or from Tokyo to Kanazawa by Hokuriku Shinkansen.

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